Join us: Three Zero-Days in three months - How Kaspersky Lab found them in the wild

11 February 2019

Attacks that breach zero-day vulnerabilities are among the most dangerous – because they’re difficult to detect and prevent.

What can we learn from some recent exploits, used in APT attacks on the Middle East and Asia? And how can we become more effective at detecting and combating them?

Join Kaspersky Lab on February 21 at 14:00 GMT for our expert-led webinar and learn about the technologies that made it possible for Kaspersky Lab to detect three Windows zero-day exploits in the wild in just three months.

Kaspersky Lab expert Anton Ivanov will explore:
The process of searching for – and finding – these vulnerabilities
The technical and ethical aspects of vulnerability detection and disclosure
Details of the CVE-2018-8453, CVE-2018-8589 and CVE-2018-8611 zero-days
Learn more about this “hidden threat” attack scenario, join Kaspersky Lab on our webinar.


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